Why Purified Water is Great For Window Cleaning

What Is Pure Water?

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Purified water

Pure water is filtered of all impurities that are found naturally in tap water such as copper, iron, calcium and magnesium. When tap water dries it leaves these mineral deposits visible in the form of spots.

Limescale is another deposit left by tap water and this manifests itself in kettles, washing machines and on taps and shower screens

Puified water has all these contaminants removed and purity is measured in parts per million (ppm).

Tap water is typically between 180-320ppm.

Properly purified water used in window cleaning should read zero ppm.

Pure water uses

Water purified to zero ppm has various industrial uses and is ideal for car washing and window cleaning as spotting is avoided.

It is also used for car engines and other industrial machinery requiring water for internal operation. This is because naturally occuring minerals can be corrosive and damaging to engine parts.

When used for cleaning windows it dries to a completely clear and streak free finish.

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