Traditional Methods vs Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Different Window Cleaning Methods

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What is traditional window cleaning?

Traditional methods mean cleaning windows by hand. The process involves applying soapy water to the glass using a handheld tool covered in microfibre material. This is soaked in the water and scrubbed over the glass.

A rubber bladed squeegee then wipes the water off the glass like a windscreen wiper on a car. A cloth is used to wipe away any water left over.

However, it leaves a sticky residue on the glass caused by the cleaning product and this will attract dirt more quickly.


Pure water & water fed poles

Water fed poles are extendable, typically about 30 ft long, and have pure water pumped through them onto the window and frames. A soft bristled brush on the end of the pole scrubs the surfaace clean while a continuous stream of water rinses the glass and frames clean.

Pure water has all minerals and hard water deposits filtered out of it meaning it dries without leaving spots on the glass like tap water does.

Advantages of pure water and water fed poles include:

  • long reach for cleaning higher in flats and offices
  • environmentally friendly
  • no cleaning products mean the glass stays cleaner for longer by not attracting dirt
  • streak free, clear glass
  • safer as operated from the ground only
  • ability to clean windows that are normally inaccessible. e.g. over conservatory roofs
  • enhanced privacy with no one appearing at upstairs windows on ladders

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