Window Cleaning Bournemouth

Window Cleaners Bournemouth

Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaning

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Pure water & water fed pole window cleaning


We are experienced, professional window cleaners operating in Bournemouth and surrounding areas. We clean windows for domestic and commercial customers and are available for one-off cleans or as part of a regular ongoing window cleaning service.

All our services are fully insured.

Window Cleaners Bournemouth

We have invested in the most modern window cleaning equipment so that we can guarantee our customers consistently fantastic cleaning results after every clean.

Water fed poles and pure water cleaning technology is the most effective way of cleaning windows and leaving them crystal clear and streak free every time.

Purified water differs from normal tap water because it goes through an intensive filtration process involving reverse osmosis and de-ionization which removes all minerals and hard water deposits. Tap water is full of contaminants such as chalk and limescale and can be seen by the limescale left over in kettles and washing machines. If it’s sprayed onto glass and left it will have the same effect and result in spotting.

The purification process completely removes all hard water deposits and has many industrial uses.

One of these is for window cleaning as it dries to a spotless finish with no streaks whatsoever.

Also, no chemicals or cleaning products are used as they are with traditional window cleaning methods. They leave a sticky residue on the glass which attracts dirt so windows get dirtier quicker.

Some of the advantages of pure water and water fed poles include:

  • windows dry clean, clear and NO STREAKS
  • no chemicals means glass stays cleaner for longer
  • poles reach seceral storeys high
  • can reach previously inaccessible windows e.g. above conservatories
  • eliminates use of ladders for enhanced safety & privacy


Domestic window cleaners Bournemouth

Our domestic window cleaning is available in Bournemouth and surrounding areas including Poole, Ferndown and Christchurch.

Extendable water fed poles allow us to clean windows several storeys high in flats and apartment blocks, and of course houses and bungalows.

Commercial window cleaners Bournemouth

A risk assessment is conducted before every job and we take seriously our responsibilities for ensuring a safe, risk free working environment. You can be sure that Poole Window Cleaning Services will not inconvenience or bother your staff, customers or visitors.

Our commercial window cleaning customers include shops, retail outlets, offices, pubs, hotels, restaurants, care homes and other business venues.

We can also clean shop and office signage and exterior areas.

Exterior Cleaning

Our other exterior services in Bournemouth include conservatory cleaning, gutter cleaning and fascia, soffit and cladding cleaning